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Flight Searching Done Right

Finding a good place to go on vacation has always been hard for me. Like most people, I’m cheap when it comes to big purchases, and since I spent so much time in Maui when I was a kid, I don’t really subscribe to the idea of spending a few thousand dollars per person to relax on a beach.

I also don’t really have any restrictions on when I take a vacation, so all I’m really looking for is a good deal that I can snap up for a few days away… or a good price on a flight to somewhere that I can dissapear for a few weeks.

For those reasons, finding flights has always been hard. I don’t care about the flight dates. I don’t care about the destination. In fact, I don’t care which Airport I leave from - SEA (Seattle )is only an hour.5 away from YVR (Vancouver). All I want to do is say where I am, and have them tell me what my options are… and I want them to do it quickly and comprehensively. To be picky, I would also like them to tell me in Canadian Dollars so that I don’t have to convert it in my head.

Well wouldn’t you know it. The geniuses over at Kayak have gone and built the best flight search I have ever seen. It does pretty much everything I would want it to do. It’s quick, it’s easy, and I can tell it my currency..

It sites like this that make me love the internet.

Thank you Kayak. :)