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Landed in Australia

Well, I’ve been here almost 2 weeks now. I LOVE IT HERE! I’m seriously thinking I should accept the offer to stay here for a YEAR!! :D

Umm.. on that note. I haven’t really gone out much. I’ve been working from 9am to midnight almost every day of the week since I got here. I have some pretty serious deadlines to hit, so it’s intense. I should be able to relax in the beginning of May though. :) I’ve only gone out a few times since I arrived. The first was to the Glennferrie Hotel, or something. It was like a cross between the blarney stone and the Roxy. Weird combination I know, but seriously. Next was a strip club called the Mens Gallery. It wasn’t all that great, but it was different than strip clubs in Van. Girls were walking around naked everywhere chatting to guys and then some were dancing on tables. It wasn’t as structured as the ones in Canada.

I also checked out Crown, an entertainment complex in Melbourne. It has a Casino, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Stores, etc. It’s like a massive shopping mall, but better. We hit up heat nightclub for their $2 highball night. It was an R&B night and it reminded me of a smaller Atlantis. Not bad.

Last night, I went to a club called Element. No, sorry.. called Saratoga.. but I SWEAR it’s Element. Same kind of music, same kind of people, same feel, same look and the same stairwell entrance. Nice place… got really drunk. Oops. I’m hungover today.

Oh, did I mention that Melbourne reminds me a lot of Vancouver? I don’t really feel like I’ve gone anywhere. Just the people have accents and it’s a bit warmer.

As for my life, I’ve been put up in a cute apartment in downtown Melbourne. Pretty basic, but it has most things I need, and the location is pretty sweet. I’m catching the tram to work every morning, which is like a slow bus that is strapped to a rail. Oh! The cell phone networks here are nuts. I love it! Everyone SMS’ each other. No one in Van uses SMS, but it’s totally sweet. I have a little Nokia phone to play with. :D Cell phones are stupid expensive down here though.

The girls are pretty hot. There are a lot of THIN girls who are totally sexy, which is nice. I haven’t really talked to many girls though because I’ve been working so much, and when I have met them I was too drunk to remember it. :|

I bought a video camera, so I’ll be putting up short movies of my adventure if I ever find the time to piece them together. :P

Oh! The concert I’m throwing on the 26th is coming together nicely. It’s really weird to not be there and have control over it, but i’m crossing my fingers that the people I’ve put in place are doing it right. You can get more information on it here:

Umm.. Losing weight: Good. Losing Sleep: Normal. Losing Sanity: Bad.

I’m in love… but that’s a different story all together.

Oh. Everything is deep fried here. And they have funny words for things. I’m learning.

Bye for now,